Blackberry Financiers

Blackberry Financiers

Blackberry Financier

Last night I was asked to come back to the pastry school I graduated from to mentor/judge the graduating student’s final presentations. I feel honored every time Chef Cecilia DeCastro asks me back to do this. Graduating from her program was a very fulfilling experience for me as well as a sense of personal achievement.  Even though I’m old (and that’s a relative term) you never want to stop setting goals for yourself. In going through this program, Mama figured out that she definitely wanted to bake. Many of the students who go through her program go on to work as pastry chefs in restaurants, they cater, open bakeries, or like myself, they blog.

Anyway,  I am actually the perfect person to judge a final pastry presentation. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am obsessed with cookies, cakes and anything French. Each student had set up their own table filled with artistically displayed  macarons, Madeleines, Croquembouche and Pate a Choux, just to name a few. And yep, my job was to taste it. And that’s exactly what I did. Everything was wonderful, and I hope I get asked back to do this again. By the time I got home from the presentation I was good and sugared up, so I took the dog for a long walk.  When I got up this morning, last night’s event had inspired me to bake. So here is my take on a French pastry called a financier. Yum.

Blackberry Financiers

Blackberry Financiers

Blackberry Financiers

From Bon Appetit Magazine 

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Blackberry Financiers

Blackberry Financiers

Recipe: Intermediate

39 thoughts on “Blackberry Financiers

    1. Well, these French pastries were originally served around the financial district in Paris, hence the name financier. The fundamental components of the pastry are almond flour, browned butter and egg whites, which differentiates this pastry from others. Plus, they’re just so darn good!

  1. YOu can’t go wrong with a dessert with such a lovely name. I like a clafoutis too with fresh berries. Now that I realize you went to pastry school it all makes sense that your baking is SO wonderful!

    We’re trying Red Medicine this Saturday night for a friend’s birthday. Have you been? And if so, what are your thoughts?

  2. I adore blackberries! I will absolutely be trying these soon. I’m wondering, do you think I could use dewberries? Dewberries are in season in my area right now.

  3. Oh my, I love blackberries and would so enjoy one of these little cakes with my cup of tea! They look lovely! I guess I’ll have to make some!

  4. These are beautiful and classy and I love the name. I wasn’t familiar with financiers before. My husband will swoon when he hears I’ve found a blackberry recipe!

  5. Ahh blackberries… We have an abundance of them that grow out behind our house. I was just thinking I can’t wait until it’s berry season. Your fanaciers look absolutely delicious. Love your blog by the way!

  6. Your pictures… I mean really. So gorgeous! Funny how a picture of a muffin can evoke so many positive emotions. Now I’m all warm and fuzzy, haha.

  7. Oh this looks luscious!
    I want to thank you for visiting and liking my hydrangea blog post.
    In the midst of the busyness of being Freshly Pressed I really appreciate that you took the time.

    1. I have not tried it, so I’m not positive how they will withstand being frozen. However, I would double wrap them in plastic, and then when you want to defrost them, let them sit unwrapped on the counter for an hour.

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