Thyme Lemonade

Thyme Lemonade

Thyme Lemonade

As I was driving down the main thoroughfare in my community today, I spotted a group of kids, I would say about 10 or 11 years old, yelling and waving frantically at me to stop.  They had set up a lemonade stand with an array of handrawn signs, on the corner of this particular intersection. How could I drive by this group of young entrepreneurs without purchasing the product that they had obviously spent hours concocting. I would be forever known as “the mean lady”.

When I pulled over to the curb and got out of my car, I could see sighs of relief on their tiny faces. Yes! A customer. I ordered up a glass of their homemade brew, and when I opened my wallet to pay, I realized I had just blown my entire wad at the supermarket on this evening’s dinner.  Oh geez, was this really happening. Dead broke in front of a bunch of 10 year olds. I quietly asked if they took American Express, and they told me they run a cash only business. However they said, since they knew where I lived, they would come by later to settle my outstanding balance. Whew! Problem averted.

As I stood their enjoying my refreshing drink, I started sizing up their business, and thought I should set up my own stand and sell a more mature version of lemonade with my homemade cookies. Do you think it would look weird for a middle-aged woman to sit on a street corner hawking her wares? Well, my kids said they would disown me and would be forced to leave town. So, I let the idea go…for now, anyway.

This version of lemonade is not too sweet, and infused with lots of herbally goodness.  The cucumber slices just heighten it’s freshness and make it perfect for a summer’s day.

Thyme Lemonade

Thyme Lemonade

Thyme Lemonade 

From Everyday Food, June 2008

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Thyme Lemonade

Thyme Lemonade

Mama’s tips: 8 ounce mason jars are perfect for serving the lemonade, and can be found in most supermarkets and online.

Recipe: Easy

212 thoughts on “Thyme Lemonade

  1. The lemonade may not be too sweet, but the story is. And, once again, one of these wonderful photos will serve as a perfect seasonal desktop background. Cheers!

  2. Love the straws AND the recipe!

    BTW, Red Medicine was amazing. I recommend highly that you stop by! The chicken dumplings were a highlight for me, as well as the crab spring rolls. The pork rillettes were not as firm as I like, but very tasty.

  3. There is nothing like a tall glass of lemonade on a hot day, and this preparation sounds lovely. Liked the story too!

  4. I love your straws! Where do you get them? You are lucky it was a lemonade stand, my friends and I used to put leaves and bugs in cups and have fun trying to get people to buy them. Some parents stopped and would give us candy, but no customers:/ haha

  5. Pure refreshment! I have fresh thyme grow inf beautifully right now I think I will grab a sprig and make this yummy drink. xo P.S. Have you entered the new giveaway yet?

  6. Great story! My grandkids had a lemonade stand this past weekend, May 19th, “Lemonade Day” in Indianapolis, IN. We had a semi-hit with lemon and grape flavors. I’m with you, Grannie needs some extra money, maybe I need a lemonade stand!

  7. Love the photo and flavored lemon aid for that matter. Never thought to put thyme together with lemons, but you make it look and sound delicious! Thanks for the idea. I pick strawberries in the garden and muddle them up in the mix. Oh, the possibilities. 🙂

    Cheers and happy Tuesday.

  8. I just happen to be growing thyme on my porch and am always looking for creative ways to use it. I just found another with your recipe! I can’t wait to try, but will have to use limes since we don’t get lemons on my small Caribbean island.

  9. Excellent post!
    Summer is coming. And I believe that “Thyme Lemonade” will be very popular…
    Wish you have a perfect summer’s day.

  10. In the warm weather, I often put a bit of cucumber in chilled water and it is very refreshing. I’ve been enjoying Lavender Lemonade for years. Now you have given me another way to enjoy the wild thyme that grows all around in my village. Thanks!

  11. Oooooo, I’ll have to try that! I have tried mint lemonade and even basil lemonade but never thyme. It’s seems like a good match, though, since it’s a lemony herb. Thanks for posting!

  12. The story complemented the lemonade in a fantastic way. That freak out mode felt very sincere when you went to get some but had no cash.
    Sounds like a great day.

  13. I really feel like a lemonade now and the pictures are gorgeous. And from one middle-aged woman to another – you most definately CAN ‘hawke your ware’s on the side of the road! Its not all about the kids y’know !

  14. I like that you also give serving suggestions. I have canning jars, just never thought to put lemonade in them. Always looking for creative ways to serve though!

  15. My mom cooks amazing food and post her retirement I have been encouraging her to start a business on the same lines. Will make her read your posting for sure 🙂

  16. You are going to have people all over the world putting thyme in their lemonade this summer! Thyme is my favorite herb and lemons are staples. This sounds delicious and I will be trying it out this afternoon.
    Adding the cucumber is quite a lovely touch.
    Thank-you and congratulations on Freshly pressed!

  17. What a refreshing combo. Homemade lemonade is hands-down better than anything out of a carton. Plus what a fun way to get the kids involved. And your photos really make this shine. Congrats on being FP! Such a cute presentation.

  18. Reblogged this on Humblecottage Blog and commented:
    Its getting hot down here in cornwall, the cloud has been hiding the sunshine that the rest of the country has been experiencing for the last few days, but now we have it in its full and blistering glory.

    I am now dreaming of homemade lemonade, and at the weekend will be making some home foraged elderflower and lemon cordial, but in the meantime, this thyme lemonade is tickling my tastebuds….

  19. This sounds delicious, and with the lime tree down the street burtsing with almost ripe limes i will definatly try this recipe, although in place of sugar i will use Pilonsillo Syrup that i make from piloncillo cones, heres the link to the recipe from my blog, if you can get hold og it you should try using it in place of sugar, it is much better for you andhas a wonderful slightly burnt caramel flavour and will turn your lemonade moscavado color 🙂 here the recipe:

    Hope you like it!

  20. I just heard about adding chopped basil to melon salad. I thought, why not? I had some thyme on my patio but planted oregano in the same container and it got crowded out. I am going to pick up some thyme and try this. Thanks for sharing! Congrat’s on being FP’d!

  21. This is wonderful on a hot summer day. Hope you gave them a tip for walking all the way to your house later! Care to check out my blog? I hope you do, cause I really like yours.

  22. Your photos are beautiful. Never heard of using thyme or cucumbers, but why not? I think this inspires to try other fresh herbs. Lemon is so versatile it pairs with sweet, salty, fruits, and herbs.
    Neat post! Great neighbor kids you have! Funny story!

  23. This looks so super refreshing I can hardly stand it! I feel like I’ve made at least 4 different variations of lemonade this month but what’s one more, right? 😉

  24. Nice photos, impressed at how the blue in the straw is the exact shade of the background, thats food styling at its very best 🙂

    What is it with the food/drink in jars thing? I have seen it mentioned more and more over last 12 months, even recipe books for it 🙂

  25. Sounds very delicious, a recipe I am definitely going to try. Especially because I have so much thyme spreading on my patio. Touching story about the kids, too. It’s always wonderful to support young entrepreneurs. Well done!

  26. I was at my sister’s house one late afternoon last summer and some children came by delivering lemonade! It was very funny, who had ever heard of a “lemonade delivery service” and the children were super cute. They took our order (two cups please!) and ran with excitement to get it. Then they hand delivered our lemonade from about 6 or more houses down from us. There was probably more lemonade on the outside of the cup than on the inside but the smiles on their faces was worth it. I had the same idea…lol…it just wouldn’t be as cute if a grown up was doing it. lol.

    Great idea for the lemonade and what perfect timing as the summer rolls in!!

  27. Tried it this weekend and it was ahuge hit at my neighbor’s b-day bash. Already got orders for all the upcoming bbq and b-day gatherings in our neighborhood. Now I need the thyme on my balcony to grow a bit faster. 🙂

  28. Reblogged this on Always, Allie and commented:
    I normally don’t like lemonade unless they have another flavor involved. Thyme sounds like an interesting addition to a summer classic! Might have to add some vodka to this one…

  29. This looks amazing!! And I’ve been looking for a refreshing beverage that was a non-alcoholic option for our next party! (And of course it is always good to have a drink that can be spiked by people if they choose!)

  30. I already posted a comment on this recipe but that was before I made the lemonade. I just finished making it and it’s delicious! Thank you again for sharing the recipe.

  31. I make lemon thyme popsicles every year – for some reason it is just an amazing combination!

    I’m a sucker for supporting those small, neighborhood businesses! I laughed out loud at your story because I remember my kids sitting at the end of the drive one year and abandoning me at their little lemonade stand. They said they’d be right back…

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