My Burger Bible, The Perfect Hamburger

Hamburger with Grilled Onions

Hamburger with Grilled Onions

By now you all know that Mama’s Gotta Bake, and oftentimes Mama’s Gotta Cook, but now that the warm weather has rolled into Southern California…Mama’s Gotta Grill. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you would think that I live on nothing but cake, cookies and the occasional scoop of ice cream. Β But if the truth be told, what I’m totally obsessed with is burgers. Oh please, spare me with your turkey, chicken, lamb, salmon and veggie burgers, I’m a purist and it’s nothing but good ‘ol beef burgers for me. For years I’ve kept a tiny, tattered notebook in the over-stuffed utility drawer in my kitchen. I call it My Burger Bible. Every time I see a tip in the newspaper, the internet, a cookbook, YouTube or the television on how to make a better burger, I write it down in this notebook. So, as summer approaches and you begin to fire up your grills, I thought I would share some of the information I’ve accumulated with you.

Tips for making the best burgers

Tips for making the best burgers

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67 thoughts on “My Burger Bible, The Perfect Hamburger

  1. Great tips, Sheryl. Thanks especially for sharing your technique for grilling onions! Definitely going to have my burger chef (hubby) incorporate that into our burger-making. BTW, one of hubby’s nicknames is “Burger” because he loves them so much! πŸ˜€

  2. I believe we may be the only people in America who don’t own a grill. But those photos and tips are really making my reconsider that. Goodness knows we’ve always got an extra egg!

  3. I love that you have a burger bible Mama! It looks exactly as you promise, grilled to perfection and resting for the eating! Love that very handy tip on the patty & pointy side of the egg. We might be nearing winter here but I don’t want to give up my BBQ just yet! πŸ™‚

  4. And here I thought that all you ever did in the kitchen was bake! You do make a mean burger!! It looks pretty awesome! I love burgers as well and they are my hubby’s favourite on the grill. Thanks for the great tips!

  5. I don’t have words to describe how awesome this looks. I can watch this burger as a wallpaper on my computer all day… Drooling.

  6. When it comes to grilled onions, no matter how much I make it’s never enough. I agree, they are what make a burger. Thanks for the egg tip. I’ll be trying that this weekend when I make burgers.

  7. LOVE THIS POST MAMA ! What a great idea to collect tips along the way, because I, too, am obsessed with burgers. Are you patties just beef only ? I love the seeming simplicity of your recipe (with all the handy hints behind it !).
    I struggle in Singapore to get good burger buns – they are usually awful processed, sugar-laden buns here and I think I need to go a-huntin’ a little further to get some good brioche.
    Thanks !

    1. Hi Carolyn, no, not just beef…I love anything in burger form. Actually salmon patties are a real favorite. I’m surprised to hear that you can’t get a good burger bun in Singapore!

  8. Your burger tips are great and I was so happy to see that I already knew a few of your expert hints! Though you write with beef in mind, your tips apply to the veggie and chicken burgers we most often eat. I think the very first one is essential. Fat is your friend. People always complain that veggie and poultry burgers fall apart. Mine don’t because I know to add cheese into the patty mixture. Flavor, moisture, and improved texture. Now to improve our burgers with the rest of your ideas. πŸ™‚

  9. There are so many great tips in here, my mind can’t handle it all! I’m printing this list out so that I can follow it to the letter and make the ultimate burger. I’ll think of you with every juicy bite, Mama πŸ˜‰

  10. Sheryl, thank you for the lovely compliment over at my place. I saw this post linked recently on a popular food site but came back for a closer look. Spot on handbook covering burgers from start to finish. It is a splendid guide to get your grilling game ON!

  11. Holy Molly! This post is the wikipedia of all burgers! Thank You for sharing! It shows you not only put some flavor but brains into the preparation of your burgers! I have to admit that I could do that for my 1st burger, but when my guys wanting to eating them every week, I tell you by the end of the week I just use whatever buns I have left, I just make sure they are round and top it with just ketchup, lol! joking aside, this is a very helpful guide! will bookmark for future reference. I came over to visit from the Burger Bash at the Contessa’s

  12. I just love baking but adore eating burgers, especially something like this!!! I’m simply mesmerized staring at my laptop screen…
    Thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

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