Polenta Cake with Citrus

Polenta Cake with Citrus

Polenta Cake with Citrus

As I started to write this post I realized that not everyone would be familiar with polenta, or realize that you could actually use it in a cake. Polenta, a ground cornmeal which can be white or yellow in color, has its origins in Italy. This humble “peasant” food has been a staple of Italian cooking for hundreds, and hundreds of years. And need I remind you that the best food comes from Italy.

This “Mama” is a lover of comfort food and rustic desserts, and that’s exactly what this Polenta Cake is…rustic. It’s simple and straight forward. It’s not overly sweet, and almost gritty in texture, and that’s what I love about it. Imagine if you will that you’re sitting in the hills of Tuscany under an olive tree having a picnic lunch of bread, cheese, olives and wine. This Polenta Cake would be the perfect ending to that meal. I like to top mine with a huge dollop of freshly made whipped cream and my homemade strawberry sauce. As we head into the summer months, I find myself serving this dish quite often at my backyard barbeques’.

Polenta Cake with Citrus

Polenta Cake with Citrus

Polenta Cake with Citrus

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33 thoughts on “Polenta Cake with Citrus

  1. So very, very pretty and delicious looking! And did you set out to making something gorgeously delicious and gluten free? I’m suitably impressed!

      1. I’m always looking for gluten-free recipes to provide treats for a few GF friends. This looks so lovely and simple! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Strawberries, citrus & cream, delicious! For some reason, this cake makes me think of Wimbledon and that beautiful tradition of fresh berries, fresh cream & champagne, (not that I’ve ever been,) but I know this would be equally at home for a glamourous occasion anyday!

  3. You paint quite the picture, Mama. I want to be sitting in Tuscany with wine and cheese and this amazing cake! I’ve never had polenta but I love cornbread. If the flavour and texture are similar, then I know I’d be head over heels in love with this cake. It looks beautiful!

  4. I used to make a honey polenta cake back when I was pastry chef at Baroncini in Iowa City. This is the only other time I’ve seen a similar dish. Looks lovely, I bet the almond flour goes well. I’ll have to try it.

  5. I love polenta, but I have never see it as a cake. Looks great.
    Enjoy your memorial weekend.
    Keep on baking !

  6. This is on my “to try” list when our weather cools again in the autumn! Neighbouring Italy, we can get some very good Polenta here in Switzerland, so I can’t wait to try it!

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