Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee Cake

Cinnamon-Chocolate Coffee Cake

Cinnamon-Chocolate Coffee Cake

It’s 12 o’clock at night, and here I stand in the dark over the kitchen sink eating hunks of this Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee Cake. Suddenly the lights flick on, and my son Michael looks at me in surprise or horror, I’m not sure which one and asks “Mom, what in the world are you doing?” Oh, the shame I felt. Yes, caught in the act of scarfing down light and airy cake laced with nuts, chocolate and cinnamon. Since having this cake at my sister-in-law’s house I’ve been obsessed with it, so much so that my family has considered planning an intervention. Okay, I’ll try and get a hold of myself.

As you can see from the picture below, you need not restrict yourself to baking this in a 10-inch tube pan. If you’re feeling wild and crazy, you might want to try baking this cake in mini loaf pans or in mini bundt pans. The choice is up to you. Either way I think you’re gonna love this cake as much as I do. I just hope that if you do get up in the middle of the night to eat it over the kitchen sink, that no one catches you. It’s very embarrassing. Trust me.

Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee Cake

Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee Cake

Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee Cake

From My Sister-In-Law “Wanda”

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50 thoughts on “Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee Cake

  1. Whenever someone catches me pigging out I say, “Like you never have a junk food fest?!” Stops ‘em every time :)

      1. Thanks for dropping your cake off at the party! You’ll be featured next Saturday. Hope to see you there. Now I have to run and make this delicious cake!

        Linda@Tumbleweed Contessa

  2. I don’t blame you a bit. I know this cake and still have almost the same exact recipe in my mother’s handwriting from probably the 1970′s. I was thinking of it not so long ago and as soon as I saw the picture, I knew what it was. Fantastic cake. Can’t stop eating it type of cake. I once made it for a friend’s wedding cake. I put a little powdered sugar on top and fresh flowers for decoration and it was a big hit.

  3. I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing there was such a scrumptious-looking cake in my kitchen! It would be calling out my name at night, beckoning me… No need to be embarassed at getting caught, we all do it!

  4. Munching on goodies in the middle of the night and then getting caught…Hmm, this sounds way too familiar…Haha. But really, with this deliciously-looking cinnamon chocolate coffee cake, who could resist the temptation?

  5. WOW! That is one stunning cake! And I LOVE the flavour combination. I’d be sneaking this cake at all times of day, in all kinds of weird places. Do you remember those McCain deep ‘n delicious freezer cake commercials? They’d always show people sneaking to the freezer in the middle of the night. That was totally me. And that’s how I’d be with this cake!

    1. In my oven (not all ovens are the same) it took 25 minutes to bake. When you do it in your oven check with a toothpick after 15-20 minutes. When the toothpick comes out clean, then it’s done. However, be careful not to over bake or it ill be dry.

    1. So I made this this past weekend… OMG AMAZING!!! I made it for my bf – a non-nut fan – but a huge fan of cinnamon. I tripled the cinnamon in the cake itself and in place of the mini chocolate chips and walnuts, I chopped up 8 ounces of bittersweet chocolate. I lost my tube pan somewhere in between moves, so I made it in a 9- x 13-inch pan. SUPER FANTASTICAL!! It is now in the baking line up :-) Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.


      1. Yay Jeff Parker! I love to hear when someone makes one of the recipes and that they enjoyed it! Thank you for taking the time to comment, and I’ll let Aunt Wanda know you enjoyed the cake.

  6. Thank you for liking my post! I’m so glad I found your blog… Your pictures are amazing and I’m sure the recipes are as well! :) Can’t wait to try this coffee cake- sounds like a great twist to a classic recipe.

  7. When i read: cinnamon, coffee and chocolate, i though: It needs some vanilla and salt, in order to be really tasty.
    You’re great! One can almost taste the sweetness melting in the tongue, by reading it. Thanks!

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