Apple Pie in a Bag

Apple Pie baked in a brown paper bag

Apple Pie baked in a brown paper bag

It’s getting closer to the big day, you know what day I’m talking about, right? Thanksgiving, of course. It’s my most special meal, well it seems every meal is my most special meal, but this one definitely is. In fact, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  It’s the one day I will eat with reckless abandon. For me it’s a food version of a perfect storm. Every food I consider to be one of my favorites will make an appearance at my Thanksgiving table.

I embrace this holiday not just for the food, but for the fact that I truly am thankful for the food, and for my family.

I was speaking to my sister-in-law, Wanda the other day and she told me about a pie she makes that is my brother’s favorite. Since Apple Pie is a requisite for any Thanksgiving dinner I thought I would try it out before the big day. I was intrigued because this pie was baked in a brown paper grocery bag. She said that the bag kept the crust from over browning and that the apples became soft and tender and stayed juicy. Hmmmm, sounds like Mama needed to give this a try. Well Wanda, I was quite pleased with the results. I used a pre-made crust for this pie, but hey, if you’ve got the energy then go ahead and make your own crust.

Apple Pie baked in a bag

Apple Pie baked in a bag

Apple Pie in a Bag 

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Removing Apple Pie from the paper bag

Removing Apple Pie from the paper bag

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49 thoughts on “Apple Pie in a Bag

  1. I have made MANY MANY pies and have never come across a recipe to bake it in a bag! 🙂 It looks so beautiful, I might have to try it!! Did you brown your pie a little more after removing it from the bag? Thanks.

    1. I know, I never heard of baking a pie in a bag, but my sister-in-law said she had been doing it for years. Anyway, it came out good, and I did brown mine for a few minutes.

  2. I don’t want to seem like an echo…but…wow, never heard of this before! Thanks for being the provider of my “I learned something new today” moment! Definitely putting this on my “to do” list. Thanks!

  3. My mom always made our Thanksgiving turkey in a brown paper bag! This could be a fun experiment – though paper bags are at a premium here in WA state. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This looks so good! Is apple pie more traditional than a pecan pie? I wanted to make a pie next weekend, even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, I always love the idea of having a meal that you really think about what you are thankful for. It makes you remember the small important things in life. But I was going to do a pecan one, but should it really be apple?

  5. Sheryl, I mirror your views regarding Thanksgiving food and being thankful for it. Especially the part about reckless abandon—it’s the singular time of year where I give the weight scale it’s own special holiday off. I love Wanda’s method of preparing the fruit. And the apple pie I’ll be making this year? It’s in the bag!

  6. Some years ago, when we were living in the northeast, there was a restaurant/bakery that advertised their specialty as fruit pies baked in a bag. I was intrigued and bought an apple pie in a bag (apple pie is my husbands favorite food on earth). I was disappointed to find a pie in a pie pan nestled in the bag in which it was cooked. I had imagined that somehow the paper bag was going to be the cooking container (no pan)! What a mess that would have been! 🙂 Your pie looks delicious. There will definitely be apple pie on our Thanksgiving table.

  7. Hi, Sheryl – I can tell that your family is already getting excited for beloved Thanksgiving. This pie looks perfect. Though I do not crave pies, there is something very sentimental and scrumptious about an apple pie on Turkey Day. I am with you on a slightly lighter crust – your removed the bag at the ideal time. I pinned this immediately for the holiday and made note of Mama’s tips and tricks. Thank you for sharing with us! Oh, and on a note not related to your fantastic apple pie recipe: the photos and props are outstanding. Mam’as Gotta Bake is visually appealing and professional, yet still warm and cozy. I love “stopping by.” Be well! – Shanna

  8. My mother always used to heat up bread/buns in a paper bag in the oven, but I’ve never heard of baking a pie in a paper bag…and I bet it is utterly fabulous. I am doing this for sure!

    Also, thanks for the tip of sprinkling sugar on the apples as you slice them.

  9. Add me to the list of those who’d never heard of this. I’m gonna give it a gluten-free try. The bag sounds like it might be great for that as I’m finding I get a lot quicker browning with gluten free flour.

  10. I can’t believe the bag didn’t catch on fire! I imagine if it did, you could make youtube videos like the ones where people’s turkeys catch on fire when they try deep frying it. It could be a new wacky Thanksgiving tradition 😉 This pie looks amazing, no surprise since you made it, Mama! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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