Connie & Ted’s

Lobster Roll Sandwich at Connie & Ted's

Lobster Roll Sandwich at Connie & Ted’s

Connie & Ted’s is not your mama’s crab shack, but a wicked awesome experience that combines fresh, high quality seafood expertly prepared, efficient and friendly service and stunning architecture. Everything is so well thought out, even right down to the little sugar containers. My friend Gail and I had been assisting a friend on a catering job and hadn’t had a chance to eat that day. As we were heading home down Santa Monica Boulevard in the heart of West Hollywood we could feel Connie and Ted just calling out to us. The facade of the restaurant resembles the hull of a ship (at least that what it looks like to me) and there’s creative nautical touches everywhere. Yet the space is open, modern and very inviting.

Nancy's Peeky Toe Crabcake at Connie & Ted's

Nancy’s Peeky Toe Crabcake at Connie & Ted’s

When we were presented with the menu, we literally couldn’t make a choice because everything looked so darn good. We could see the servers whizzing by with large plates of fresh oysters, clams and uni. They serve three kinds of chowda’, crispy fish & chips, steamers, and, if you really don’t like fish (shame on you) they have the Hook Burger, with or without bacon.

Cornmeal & Molasses Pudding at Connie & Ted's

Cornmeal & Molasses Pudding at Connie & Ted’s

This is the perfect place to go with a group, that way everyone can order something different and you can share. However, it was just me and Gail so the pressure was on to pick something. The Lobster Roll ($24) seemed like the obvious choice. It’s served hot or cold, with butter or mayo. Pure and simple, just sweet, fresh lobster, a little mayo and the perfectly toasted bun. The massive side of fries were pretty amazing too. We also split Nancy’s Peeky Toe Crab Cake ($14).  For sheer perfection, one must get the correct proportions of crab cake, tartar sauce and coleslaw all on the fork at once.

Outdoor Patio at Connie & Ted's

Outdoor Patio at Connie & Ted’s

They offered a great selection of desserts, but we were struck by the Cornmeal & Molasses Indian Pudding. Because we had never heard of it before, we decided to order that. I can only liken it to sitting in front of a fire with big, fuzzy slippers on, on a cold winter’s day. It’s warm and cozy, and yes, just downright wicked awesome. That dessert, and Lamills coffee sealed the deal. I’m going back.

Open Concept Kitchen at Connie & Ted's

Open Concept Kitchen at Connie & Ted’s

They’ve got a very lively bar scene there, and a large outdoor patio.  I imagine it’s perfect for weekend brunches with a group of friends, or for just watching the traffic go by on Santa Monica Boulevard. Connie & Ted’s has their own valet parking lot on the premises. It is $7.00 but then inner city parking does come at a price.

Connie & Ted's, West Hollywood

Connie & Ted’s, West Hollywood

Connie & Ted’s   8171 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046  (323) 848-2722

19 thoughts on “Connie & Ted’s

  1. My mouth is watering from your review. The food descriptions plus the photos make me want to get in my car and go there. How soon can you be ready?

  2. Everything looks so good, including the coleslaw! And I’m very picky about my coleslaw. Is it near enough to the coast that I could stop on my way to/from Santa Barbara? Sometimes one gets a little peckish on the journey…

  3. Yet another restaurant to try when I’m in LA next. I can see why you would want to stop in. The food and your photos sound amazing. I’m certain I’d have to order a few things and ensure that I hadn’t eaten that day so I could taste more than one menu item.

  4. This looks like a ton of fun! 🙂 The lobster roll appears so succulent – and not overly saucy (was it served with the butter or the mayonnaise?). The pudding really peaks my interest, too, especially with the excellent coffee you mentioned. What a view, it seems, from the restaurant.
    The catering job sounds like it was a lot of work – and also a lot of fun. How great of you to help your friend. A meal well-earned, Sheryl.
    Have a lovely weekend! ~ Shanna

  5. Sheryl, you’ve captured Connie & Ted’s in glorious technicolor! From the killer-looking cuisine to the contemporary floor plan, C&T’s is on my radar next time I’m in LA. I’m glad you pulled over.

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