Tropical Yogurt Parfait

Tropical Yogurt Parfait Shooters

Yogurt Parfait Shooters with Pineapple, Kiwi and Mango Puree


There appears to be a slight misconception out there among my friends and associates that Mama only indulges in things likes cakes and cookies and all things made from sugar, butter and eggs.  And though that may be true to some extent, it should be noted that I am a devotee of fresh fruit and vegetables. And, that the combination of tart yogurt and fresh fruit is probably one my all-time favorite breakfast combos.

For Mother’s Day I have invited an array of mother’s to my home for a brunch, and I plan to start the festivities off with Tropical Yogurt Parfait Shooters. It’s a fresh and light way to start off the meal, and I think it will appeal to everyone.  These parfaits combine organic yogurt sweetened with a little honey, with fresh cut pineapple and kiwi, a smooth mango puree and are topped with some toasted coconut for an added crunch.

Tropical Yogurt Parfait Shooters

Tropical Yogurt Parfait

Tropical Yogurt Parfait 

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Makes 8 mini parfait shooters or 4 larger yogurt parfaits

Tropical Yogurt Parfait

Tropical Yogurt Parfait

Mama’s Tips:

You can prep all your ingredients in advance, and then assemble just before you’re ready to serve the parfaits.

Tropical Yogurt Parfait

Tropical Yogurt Parfait Shooters


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30 thoughts on “Tropical Yogurt Parfait

  1. So pretty and luscious-looking! We love yogurt with fruit, honey and toasted almonds. We must try the toasted coconut flakes!

  2. Love it, I too love fresh fruit and veggies and really love yogurt and fruit together. It’s healthful and light and the perfect way to start the day. Your tropical parfait is wonderful.

    1. Thanks Suzanne! I always love to start my day with some fresh fruit, but then I love to end the day with a big piece of chocolate cake! Why not!

  3. What a great way to celebrate a brunch with friends. There’s something lovely about the word parfait, regardless of whether it involves ice-cream or yogurt. The addition of flaky almonds makes it just lovely too!

    Congrats on getting the new blog up, looks lovely & it’s always great to have a change 😉

    1. Hi Alice, you’re absolutely right about the word “parfait”, adds a little zing to an otherwise unassuming little dish! I had to re-vamp the blog a l title bit, so thanks for the kind words.

  4. These are adorable lil’ parfaits! And perfect for Mother’s Day/Spring.

    Not that it matters, but flaked, toasted coconut is my current obsession. I snack on it all the time!

  5. These sound so good. I like that the coconut is a separate ingredient instead of mixed into anything. We have a coconut allergy in the house so I could just leave it off that persons serving.

    I have a question about your new site…is the ‘like’ option gone now or am I just overlooking it?

    1. Hi Jennifer, now that it is no longer a site, yes, the “like” option is gone. But I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

  6. There ain’t NOTHIN’ wrong with you only indulging “in things likes cakes and cookies and all things made from sugar, butter and eggs” lol. You just described me in that sentence! Nevertheless, these beautiful, healthy tropical yogurt parfaits are just as welcome in my mouth & stomach 😉 What a fabulous combination of flavours and ingredients and your photos are beautiful as always!

  7. For some reason I can’t comment directly from the link when I receive your new post emails. No matter – at least I can go to your site and comment ! Nothing like the simplest of ingredients to make a delicious dessert !

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