Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies

Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies

Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies


One of the things I look forward to the most in my life, are the weekly visits from son #1, “the chef”.  He’s a hard working guy who works 5 to 6 days a week, 14+ hours a day. So I have come to cherish that hour a week he’ll come and sit at my kitchen table and just talk to me about what’s going on his life.

As we sit across the table from one another, there is usually some kind of snack or homemade treat plopped on a plate in between us, because serious talking must always be accompanied by food.  Last week I didn’t really have anything to put out, so I grabbed a bag of chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, some pretzels and potato chips. As we sat talking, we were sandwiching the two kinds of chips and the pretzels in between two large potato chips. We both kind of looked at each other and said damn, this is an amazing combination, bet it would make an awesome cookie!

I thought to myself, wow, how brilliant am I to have come up with this crazy-good flavor combination. Well, then I Googled it, and apparently thousands of other people have the same idea. So, I guess I’m not so brilliant. But you know what, I think you’re gonna really like these Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies.  You’ve got your sweet, your salty, and your crunchy all in one convenient cookie.

Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies

Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies

Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies

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Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies

Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies

Mama’s Tips:

I use an ice cream scoop to form my cookies. You want all the cookies to be the same size so that they will bake evenly.

If you can, get the “Kettle” chips as they are a sturdier chip. You don’t want the chips to get too pulverized or they won’t add crunch to the cookie.

Always add the chips, pretzels and potato chips last, and preferably mix these ingredients in by hand using a large spatula or wooden spoon.  Mix just until ingredients are incorporated.

You can take your butter and eggs out the night before or two hours before baking for room temperature ingredients.

Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies

Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies

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Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies
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56 thoughts on “Pretzel and Potato Chip Cookies

  1. If I took my butter out the night before it could be liquid by the time I got around to makeing cookies. It has been 100+ for 8 days in row. The AC works, but it can still get pretty warm in the kitchen. I think we will only get to 99 today (a cool front)! I love the sound of these cookies though. Salty/sweet is my favorite combination.


    1. Yes Linda you are right, taking the butter out the night before is something I do in the winter. It’s supposed to be 103 in my neck of the woods today, so no butter on the countertop!

  2. That is hilarious! Seems like people do like that salty sweet. There are chocolate covered and peanut butter covered pretzels so why not add the cookie?! Ha! They look gorgeous!

  3. Sheryl, I love it when I see Mamma’s Got to Bake in my in box:) I told you before I am not really a sweet fan but this is just up my alley. I am having a 4th of July party for my campers and I am gonna make these cookies as one of there desserts:)

        1. Maybe you could add white chocolate chips, dried cranberries, or raisins. You could just omit the peanut butter chips, and these cookies will still be fantastic. It’s really the potato chips that make them extra special.

  4. I think it is so wonderful that your son #1 is able to make time in his busy work week to spend a mom-son hour talking with you each week! I can just picture the two of you nibbling on potato chip and chocolate chip sandwiches when the inspiration for these cookies hit! They are the kind of cookie that would be awesome for stress eating! Everything you could crave in one bite! :)

    1. Wendy, I can’t tell you how much that mother-son time means to me. But I know you probably feel the same with your kids too! And yes, these are the perfect stress-eating cookie!

  5. Lol, just ignore all the google hits on other pretzel/potato chip baked goods. You’re still a genius in my book! These cookies look like absolute perfection, especially with the pretzel pressed into the top. I’d be hard pressed to stop myself from eating the whole sweet ‘n salty, chewy-crunchy batch!

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