Strawberry Aqua Fresca

Strawberry Aqua Fresca

Strawberry Aqua Fresca


For Pete’s sake, I am obsessed with the Aqua Fresca. What is it you may ask. Well guys, it’s a drink popular in Mexico and throughout the Caribbean, and it’s simple, and refreshing and so darn easy to make. Aqua Fresca is basically sugar, water and fresh fruit, and it’s all I drink all summer long.

When entertaining friends in the backyard I like to make these with fresh pineapple, watermelon, cucumber, or if I wanna get funky I might even use some hibiscus. The key to the perfect Agua Fresca is to serve it over a lot of ice. And if you can, get those cute little, striped straws because they just liven things up!

Strawberry Aqua Fresca

Strawberry Aqua Fresca

Strawberry Aqua Fresca 

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Simple Syrup Infused with Vanilla and Thyme

Simple Syrup infused with Vanilla and Thyme

Strawberry Aqua Fresca

Strawberry Aqua Fresca

Mama’s Tips:

I don’t wash my berries until I am ready to use them as water will make them grow moldy quicker.  To “hull” the strawberries, I gently pull off the green, leafy top and then with the tip of a sharp pairing knife, I cut out the white core moving in a circular motion around the top of the strawberry, and discard the white part. There is a tool that you can use if you hull large quantities of strawberries on a regular basis, but I have never tried it.

Look in your cupboards and find some creative or unusual containers to serve the drinks in.

Strawberry Aqua Fresca

Strawberry Aqua Fresca

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38 thoughts on “Strawberry Aqua Fresca

  1. So pretty! Thanks for the recipe, Sheryl! I think watermelon and tequila will be on our agua fresca menu this summer! 🙂

  2. Mmmm! Your photos have me CRAVING this drink. It looks like the perfect summer beverage. People will think I’m a hero when I start serving these! I’ll be the most popular person on the block.

  3. I have to admit to being a little Agua Fresca obsessed my self… maybe it’s the SoCal weather, I’m not sure. I was in SF this past weekend and had a strawberry citrus agua fresca for brunch. You strawberry drink with the vanilla-thyme simple syrup looks amazing. Thanks for sharing !

    1. Jeff, it’s definitely the So Cal weather. You would be negligent if you didn’t drink a refreshing aqua fresca under the bright California sun!

  4. I’m enjoying my vacation in my hometown in Italy where is really really hot… your “aqua fresca” sounds so tasty and fresh, I’d like going around with a bottle filled with it! Your photos are stunning!

  5. Sheryl, I want to drink your aqua frescas all summer long! This would taste amazing with any and all of the fruits you listed in this post. Unfortunately, the strawberry season in BC doesn’t last too long so I should stock up now. I’m loving your photos as always!

    1. Nancy you are so right, any kind of fresh fruit is perfect in an aqua fresca. But if I were you, I would definitely stock up on all the strawberries you can now. They are by far my favorite fruit!

  6. Lovely. Have fresh strawberries right now. I was taught by my mother to hull strawberries using a spoon. I have a demi-tasse spoon that works like magic on strawberries.

  7. Summertime fun in the sun, would never be complete without these. I love the use of the thyme in they syrup to add another savoury note to the drink. Hibiscus flowers are all the rage here in Australia and I’ll have to keep my eye out the next time the seasons change and try them with this.

    Sadly it’s a little too chilly now, but I can still appreciate your post!

    1. Hi Alice, hard to believe it’s chilly there on the other side of the world! It was a nice toasty 95 degrees in Los Angeles today, so perfect weather to enjoy this refreshing drink!

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