Classic Apple Pie

Classic Apple Pie

Classic Apple Pie

I think Classic Apple Pie is one of those dishes that everyone on the face of the planet loves.  No really, I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t love it. If you know somebody, send me their name so I can have a talk with them.

Okay, now let’s talk crust. I don’t have a problem with ready made crust, they’re not terrible, but who knows what’s in them. In fact, you will expend more energy going to the market to purchase one then you will if you make it yourself using a few simple ingredients.  You can use mixers, and food processors to make your dough, but I like to use this recipe because I don’t have to pull out and clean heavy equipment. I can make it in one bowl just using my hands. Bam! It’s done in just 10 minutes.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Classic Apple Pie 

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Mama’s Tips:

The edge of the pie crust tends to brown very quickly, so once it becomes golden you should use a pie protector like this one, or cover the edges with strips of aluminum foil to prevent over-browning.

For optimum flavor, use a variety of tart and sweet apples. For suggestions, check out the apple chart in this post.

Make sure your butter is very cold. Dice it up into 1/4″ cubes and then place it back in the refrigerator until your just ready to use it.

Recipe: Intermediate

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34 thoughts on “Classic Apple Pie

    1. It will absolutely work for a pumpkin pie. It is however a recipe for a double crust and you will only need a single crust for the pumpkin pie. So wrap up the other piece of dough and freeze it for another time.

  1. I agree finding the item in the super market and THEN having to read ingredients that you don’t approve of is discouraging. Thank you for sharing your recipe, I have filo dough I need to use today otherwise I would have given this a shot.

  2. This does look beautiful! I have to tell you that I didn’t used to like apple pie, but the quality of baking, overall, I think, and especially with things like pie crusts has improved so much over the past 40 years of so! Heck, in the past 15 years, especially!

    I’m with you, I make things by hand because it takes less time than pulling out equipment and washing it – sometimes before & after! I think that pie crusts made by hand are flakier, too!

  3. It really isn’t Fall until I smell an apple pie baking in the over. It’s such a great dessert and your recipe certainly does it justice. Looks fantastic!

    1. Hi Sandra, I have found that by using a ton of apples it gives the pie that “full” look. As the pie bakes, the apples reduce and the pie can have that flat look, so pile on the apples!

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